Deadlift Month Week 2: High School Strong!

Deadlift Month Week 2: High School Strong

If you read last week's article you'd know that February is Deadlift Month here at my Private Gym. We're all honing in on some serious deadlifts for all types of goals and all types of people.

Last week showcased my post pregnancy client Ashley whose doing some Romanian Deadlifts to lose fat and built her legs back now that she can safely use her core again.

This week is another special one. I train 2 girls who are not only high school athletes, but also sisters who happen to be my younger cousins. It's really fun to work with them because their personalities are polar opposites, and it also reflects the way they train. The best part, is actually seeing improvements in body composition and strength! Their strength and form has improved significantly and hearing them tell me how much stronger and faster they feel on the field and in the water is a pat on the back for me. They also mention how they like the shapes of their legs and overall physique more which is always a plus. But it also shows how much high school kids and youth in general care about aesthetics. I'm glad they're using health and fitness to stay lean as opposed to using harmful starvation methods which can lead not only to eating disorders but other health issues due to lack of nutrients.

Needless to say, I'm really proud of both Alexa and her sister's work ethic! 

Here is Alexa performing a solid set of Deadlifts at 145lbs for 6 reps and making it look eeeeeasy AF.


Good stuff eh?

Next week I've got a guy who pulls some serious weight and has a get sh*t done attitude towards lifting AND life.

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