Overcome Low Back Pain Forever

Get Out of Pain And Get Back To The Gym

Never worry about back pain again thanks to the proven techniques and exercise in the Back To The Gym eBook.

Don’t let low back pain stop you from leading the healthy and happy  life you deserve.

Stop trying the failed ideas of the past: generic programs that offer only temporary relief (if you’re lucky.)

  • You deserve lasting relief.
  • You deserve to get out of pain.
  • You deserve to become your best self.
  • You deserve to to regain your movement, function and strength.
  • You deserve to get back to the gym.

What You Will Learn And Why It Matters

  • You will learn the stretches and exercises necessary to eliminate back pain and return to the gym.
  • You will build the foundation for future strength building.
  • You will build a spine that’s stronger than ever.
  • You will be ready to unleash your inner athlete by hitting the gym again.
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Eric Bach - Owner Of Bach Performance

Eric Bach - Owner Of Bach Performance

Coach Chris Diamantakos is one of the best coaches in the industry when it comes to knowing the science of reducing back pain yet clearly understanding how to design a plan that’s clear-cut, practical, and effective for everyone from average Joe’s to elite athletes. Chris has my highest recommendation.
— Eric Bach, BS, CSCS, Owner Of Bach Performance

But Right Now I Have Just One Question:

Are you willing to put in the work to get out of pain?

There are no miracle solutions or magic stretches.

There are no shortcuts.

Are you committed and ready to work?

The Get Back To The Gym eBook will give you the results you want with the methods you need.

Sounds Good. How Does It Work?

Get Back To The Gym is an eBook that will give you the safest, long-lasting methods, exercises, and precision techniques you need to reduce back pain.

You’ll improve strength and regain your full range of motion.

Learn the main technique many professional athletes use to PROPERLY stabilize the spine.

This is the  the most important first step to conquering lower back pain in rehab.

If you don’t master the crucial technique of spine stabilization you will likely re-injure your back. The vicious cycle will repeat itself again and again.


Different Strokes For Different Folks

There are different types of back pain. It’s important you understand which kind you have before you move forward. Otherwise you might be doing more harm than good.

You’ll learn which type of back pain you have and which movements to avoid so you don't make things worse!

exercise techniques will work best to stabilize your core and protect your spine.


A weak core is a recipe for a back injury. What would you rather have? A 50 story skyscraper made of concrete? Or a 50 story skyscraper made of flimsy cards.

The question answers itself.


You’ll do the right stretches the right way.

The wrong stretches may provide temporary relief. But they can actually make a bad situation worse.


Get Back In The Game

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Hi, I’m Chris Diamantakos. I’m a personal trainer and owner of the gym Clear Cut Fitness, based in Toronto, Canada.

But I didn’t always have all the answers. I’ve been sidelined with back injuries myself. It was awful! That’s why I’ve devoted my life to helping other people get out of pain.

If I can do it, so can you.

I’ve been a Personal Trainer for seven years and have guided hundreds of people to their fitness goals. I’ve helped many of them overcome lower back pain so they can train hard in the gym again.

I have seen my clients’ entire lives change thanks to the techniques I outline in Back to The Gym.

Doing the right exercises in the right sequence is the key.

My techniques have been featured in leading industry publications like T-Nation, The Personal Training Development Center, Bach Performance and Tony Gentilcore.

Think of me as “the back guy".

But it all begins with...

My (Really!)  Very Embarrassing Personal Story

I wasn’t always a back pain expert.

I dealt with serious back pain for years.

So I quite literally feel your pain.

At 20 years old and in the best shape of my life, I injured my back.

I was an over-trained college kid who liked to push it not only in the gym, but also on the ice. (What can I say? I’m Canadian, eh!)

Tack on a group of friends who were stronger than me. Peer pressure influenced me into lifting some weights that I wasn’t ready for. The results weren’t pretty.

I remember what happened next very clearly. I was at the tail end of a long day that started with an 8:00 AM class. A full workday followed. I wasn't done at work until 10:00 PM.  

I met some friends for a workout after my shift.

I was exhausted. And I hadn’t eaten nearly as much as I should have.

My brilliant plan? Max weight squats and deadlifts in the same workout. (Can you see where this is headed?)

On arrival at the gym, I crushed my pre-workout drink did a quick - pathetic excuse for a warm-up. Then I was convinced to go for a weight I had never done before.

You could practically smell the testosterone in the air. Can you say ‘’’bro session?”

I walked to the bar set the weight on my back and went for it: a new max weight on

It was a shitty attempt. I was overcompensating by any means necessary - twisting, squeezing, shaking and using my back - all for a weight that was simply too heavy for me.

On the way back up my back rounded and then…


I felt a shooting pain in my low back. I could barely move.

Sound familiar?

For the next few weeks any back arching or even moving from bent over to neutral caused pain and irritation.

Hockey and lifting were out of the question.

Hell, even light jogging or twisting movements or bending over to tie my shoes aggravated my back. Both  caused pain and discomfort.

What Happened Next

I began researching and learning what I needed to do to fix my problem.

I was able to get back to normal about eight weeks later. I took things one step at a time and one rep at a time. Slowly but surely, the pain subsided and I could start loading up a barbell again.


Unbelievably, it happened again when I was 22.

I had a few friends show me this challenging workout that they had just tried. It was “deadlift 250 lbs for 25 reps.” I thought: “Hey, I can do that!”

I decided to give it a shot.

When I got to the 18th rep, I felt the same shooting pain I’d felt  a few years earlier. I knew what had happened.

And I couldn’t believe I’d done that to myself again.

This is when it struck me.

I wondered...

"If I’m suffering like this in my 20’s, how can other men go decades dealing with debilitating back pain?"

I committed myself to finding a solution and became obsessed.

I dug into every piece of research I could find. I read case studies, anatomy books, and textbooks. I immediately began integrating what I learned into my programming.

I studied the works of world-renowned experts like Dr. Stu McGill and Dr. Craig Liebenson. I’m a firm believer of learning from the best, so I scrapped together what little money I had as a recent college graduate to meet Dr. McGill and Dr. Liebenson and learn from them in person.

I went through hands on assessments and corrections. I discovered how to diagnose and correct back pain from the top experts in the world.  

Soon, I discovered what worked to correct my back pain but more importantly, how to fix the pain my clients had and prevent it from coming back.

Now I want to share the same success with YOU. Get out of pain and get back to the gym.


"I've been working out with Chris for over two years.  Thanks to his guidance and encouragement, my posture has improved and my strength has dramatically increased.  More importantly, my nagging shoulder pain improved significantly and when I injured my lower back, he was instrumental in speeding my recovery.  He's a consummate professional and all around great person.  I respect him and recommend him wholeheartedly."

- Pierre Fortin

Get Back To The Gym


Backed by science and proven by experience, the Back To The Gym eBook will fix your agonizing back pain and prevent it from coming back.

Instead of feeling stiff, achy, and sore you’ll feel limber, energetic, and strong.

You will learn that:

There are many different types and causes of back pain. Knowing which kind you have will help improve the rehab process. You won’t put yourself in dangerous positions.

Certain stretches may actually hinder results. Yes, you actually shouldn’t stretch your low back, even if it feels good. You’ll learn why in the book.

✓ Proper technique is paramount. You’ll discover how to position and brace your core. You’ll develop awareness of the correct positions and avoid the risk of injuring your back again.

There's a big difference between rehab and performance. This program is intended to prepare you to begin lifting weights and being fully active without pain. Don’t overdo things at the beginning.


What You Get When You Buy Back To The Gym

You’ll get a back that will be built to last, thanks to workouts that work.

You'll get:

  • Key Concepts of Low Back Rehab. These are crucial bits of information that keep you out of pain for good. Without actively applying these concepts your back pain may return.

  • Back Pain Testing. This test helps to determine the type of back pain you have and which positions and exercises you should avoid if you wanna stay out of pain.

  • 6 Week Low Back Rehab Program. The perfect program to ease yourself back to the gym. This is a series of exercises progressed over 6 weeks that will support your spine and get you out of pain!

  • Exercise description list with video links embedded in each exercise so you can revert to the video for details. Don’t rely on tips from friends. The advice is probably wrong and it can make your back worse! There’s no point in doing an exercise unless your executing it properly. This is an important factor in low back rehab. 

Money Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction

Money back guarantee!
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Chris Diamantakos is a skilled fitness professional with a knack for turning information into action. His in-person and online clientele are lucky to work with him and I'm happy to see that he's producing work in ways that those who can't work with him directly will benefit.

Jonathan Goodman - Creator of the Personal Trainer Development Center and Onlinetrainer.com


What Comes With The eBook?

Back To The Gym eBook gives you:

  • Key Concepts of Low Back Rehab. These are crucial bits of information that keep you out of pain for good. Without actively applying these concepts your back pain may return.
  • Back Pain Testing. This test helps to determine to type of back pain you have and which positions you should avoid.
  • 6 Week Low Back Rehab Program. The perfect prorgam to ease yourself back to the gym. This is a series of exercises progressed over 6 weeks that will support your spine and get you out of pain!
  • Video links embedded in each exercise so you can revert to it for details Exercise description list. There’s no point in doing an exercise unless your executing it properly. This is an important factor in low back rehab.

Is this program for everybody?

This program is not intended for every population. I believe that the key concepts will help anyone suffering from back pain however, the elderly, and individuals suffering from a severe spinal injury should consult a doctor, chiropractor or physiotherapist for one on one assistance first. If a doctor gives you medical clearance to exercise, you may follow this program.

This program IS for people who want to move pain free and be able to squat, deadlift, sprint or anything else gym related.

Do I need to be in a gym to do the program?

The beauty of this program is that most of the exercises require just bodyweight, a resistance band, or dumbbells. Therefore, you DO NOT need access to a gym. These can be done in your home with little to no equipment.