Fit Goal of the Month January 2016

Ashley Couple weeks pre-pregnancy

Ashley Pregnant

Ashley Pregnant

Fit Goal of the Month Jan 2016

Post Partum? No Problem

January's showcase goes to someone very deserving. Ashley A! She had twins 3 months ago. Oh, and not to mention with a C section... She is determined to get her body back to pre-pregnancy levels. Ashley has been a long term client from the beginning with me. She has reached every goal we've set for her, getting leaner, stronger and this one is no different. Well, apart from the whole pregnancy process that takes a big toll on a woman's body...

Ashley came to see me the second the doc gave her clearance (usually about 6 weeks after giving birth) and has already worked up from bare basics (serious bare basics, like, we didn't leave the lying on your back position for the first week, until she started to get some core activation back) to this week Romanian Deadlifting 95lbs for 6 reps!

With 2 new babies, she has still made time to balance being a great mom, and taking care of herself. It's a very positive cycle if you think about it. What's the saying? Happy wife happy life? I mean, it's kind of the same thing here. Ashley has already lost inches AND body fat from her waist, arms and thighs. Check out her vid below:



Pretty impressive eh?

We had a talk at the end of our workout today and what she told me inspired my next article. I rarely write about mindset, and over-coming internal or external obstacles, but it's a crucial component of fitness and life in general. In fact, this will be my first about it on this blog :p.

P.S. If you've read to the bottom of this page, you're probably a positive person looking to get fit, or stay fit, or you just really like deadlifting. I know I do. So just a heads up, February is Deadlift Month here at my Private Gym on the Danforth. Each week I'll post a new client, performing some form of deadlift variation. Make sure you're subscribed to the newsletter so you catch each video. No spam, I promise.

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