Deadlift Month Part 3: Deidre 135lbs x 7!

Deadlift Month Part 3

This is Deidre deadlifting 135lbs for 7 reps. Her story below.

Deidre is one of my long term clients. Over 2 years now. Oh, and the best part is that She's lost over 100lbs working with me in roughly a year!

She's a completely new person. Stronger, fitter and healthier. Deidre's story is another example of how hard work, consistency and motivation are keys to success. That's the formula for success in most aspects of life, with a few other things on the side. Time management being one of them.

Speaking of time management, Deidre works full time, teaches a university course on the side, is a single mother of 2 and manages to fit 2 sessions a week to workout with me (and sometimes will fit a run in on her own). As you can see, this wasn't a particularly easy task to complete. It never is. But what keeps people motivated is the feeling they get when they start seeing results. You automatically begin feeling more confidence with everything in life, and you truly become healthier.


With Deidre we're using deadlifts for fat loss.

By picking a weight heavy enough (just outside of the strength rep range) but still getting some reps in, we increase the metabolic stress and overall volume. That's one of the best drivers for fat loss.

I know I promised some heavy deadlifts this week (and this one is in relative terms), but I figured I'd save the heavy stuff for the end of the month.

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