Back To The Gym: Low Back Post Rehab

Back To The Gym: Low Back Post Rehab


This isn’t some lame rehab program for people who don’t work out, have a severe spinal injury, or the elderly who don’t currently participate in physical activity. This is for people who hit the gym regularly, and currently suffer from low back pain. 

Back To The Gym teaches you the fundamental exercises and concepts you need to become pain free and lifting heavy again!

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I wrote this for a purpose, and out of my own experience. I suffered a low back injury when I was in college and it was debilitating. I had no idea what I was going to do, I could barely squat, deadlift or play hockey for weeks after. I set out to learned about spine mechanics, posture and corrective exercise and rehab from the world's best movement and spine researchers.

I'm now pain free and have helped hundreds of people rehab their backs and get them pain free, back into the gym and onto the field.

This program holds the keys to being pain free and able to get back into the gym again.

You'll Learn:

- Tests to determine which type of back pain you have. This teaches you which movements to avoid and which ones are safe.

- Key Concepts of Low Back Rehab. There are crucial in properly rehabbing your back for GOOD! They teach you form and postural considerations that you need to maintain spine health.

- A 6 Week Rehab Program with customizable exercise progressions to suit your fitness level.