Its Finally Happening! Gym Updates

Hello everyone,

Big things are happening in the next couple months here at my private gym!

If you're a fan of more space, more equipment, bigger community and bigger results... keep reading.

You may or may not know that I've had this gym since Oct 1st, 2015. It's been great. I love having private 1 on 1 time with my clients to provide the BEST atmosphere for working out and getting sh!t done. Things have gone very well so far and I owe a BIG TIME THANKS to all my clients, friends, supporters, the Danforth community AND the Fitness Community for being part of my success.

Now For The News In Case You Haven't Already Figured It Out:

My Gym Is Expanding!

I'm getting over double the size I currently have. Not only that BUT I'm re-painting and re-doing pretty much everything. So what does this mean?

Well, to start, it means:

  • More room which is something we've all wanted here
  • More Equipment
  • Bigger and Better Atmosphere by Incorporating some of the things I've always wanted in the gym. From Serious speakers, to... actually, I'm gonna leave the rest to your imagination. You'll have to just wait and see what it'll look like and what I'm going to stock in there!
  • Last but not least, this allows me to put on some small group training programs. I've done them in the past at a previous gym I worked at and it was cool. It allows me to semi-customize client's programs, individually supervise and correct technique, all while being more cost effective. I hadn't put on these programs at my gym in the past because I'm all about optimal results! I couldn't properly run a class with 1 squat rack, 1 barbell and 1 dumbbell rack. Well, I Couuuuuld, but it'd be subpar. Some trainers/gyms might be all for getting as many people in a class as possible, but I care more about the best ways to help you reach your goals.

Now that I will have more space and double the equipment, I feel more than comfortable putting on small group training. In fact, I'm really excited.

Don't worry, 1 on 1 PT is still my main squeeze. Always will be. These small group programs will be limited availability (4 people MAX NO MATTER WHAT) and only 2 sessions a week so I will still be available most of my regular training hours for those who are wondering.

When Is This Happening?

We have the contractor booked for the week of June 13 (which we will close) and if it goes as planned it'll be completed by the 20th *knock on wood*.

One Final Nice Touch:

I'm actually giving my gym a name. A few people already know what it is. The rest will have to wait till it's revealed to find out, but we agree that it's very fitting and it's about time I show the gym's character to the rest of the fitness world.

Like I said before, I obviously couldn't have done this without my amazing clients and supporters. The people who've seen great results and who believe in what I do. I've put every single Dollar that I've made (after rent and car payments lol...) back into the gym. Every week, I've purchased something new, that will help you more. Dumbbells now go up to 100lbs. That treadmill (it worked well but god knows it was used more as a coat hanger and storage rack than anything else) is banished to the basement which cleared more room. 10lb, 20lb and 30lb Slam balls for my clients who do conditioning and love to smash things around, and the list goes on. This is just the next step of me putting everything back into the business to make this the most optimal place to train and achieve greatness.