Paul 305lbs x 5

Paul H

- 'I started working out with Chris at Bomb Fitness after my wife bought me a few personal training sessions.  I had been working out at Goodlife but found it difficult to keep a consistent program in place, and to ensure proper technique for some of the heavier lifts. I was also hesitant to use a trainer because I felt that I had a strong enough understanding of weightlifting, but was interested in seeing what I could achieve with PT sessions.  Almost immediately, the 2 sessions a week began to pay off and I was making steady progress.  My previous best at the deadlift was around 225lbs, and in under 6 months with Chris I was deadlifting 305lbs for 5 reps. There were noticeable improvements in my posture, and the corrective exercises we worked on between sets were things I had never done before, with the goal of focusing on my weak points.  I would highly recommend Chris' services."**






Raine Glutes

Raine Glutes

Raine P

Raine Glutes 2

Raine Glutes 2

- "Throughout my life I was what you'd consider a "Cardio Queen". I thought that cardio was the only effective form of exercise. Ever since I've been with Chris he has educated me not only on the importance and effectiveness of weight training but also good nutrition. Thanks to Chris' expertise and guidance, my body has changed drastically for the better and I even have the butt I've wanted for so long! I've gained more quality muscle mass and I feel much more confident in myself. Thanks Chris!"**

Steph 2012, May 2015, September 2015

Steph 2012, May 2015, September 2015
























Steph C

- “I started working out at GoodLife when I was 14. The problem I always had, whether I was a size 2 or 10, was putting on muscle- even when I was at my smallest and when I was “lifting heavy”, I still had jiggly legs and triceps, and a flat butt.


Like most people, I underestimated how much I could lift so I rarely increased my weights (either I didn’t want to hurt myself or I didn’t want to look stupid at the gym). The biggest benefit of training with Chris is that he knows when to increase my weights so that I can get the best results from my workouts. 


Chris’ nutritional advice coupled with his training have made the biggest impact on me because as soon as he calculated my macro-nutrient ratio and calorie total, I realized I was only getting about half the protein I need. Once he helped me figure out a meal plan and I started eating more protein, I started noticing results within a couple weeks, I’m looking more muscular, and as you can see from the pictures, I finally have a butt! “**


Charlotte M

- "I've been training with Chris Diamantakos for over 18 months.  I had two objectives when I first started training with him.  I have a slower metabolism due to a condition that affects my thyroid so I need exercises that will keep my metabolism up.  The other objective was to improve in my sport.   I play a sport called Australian Rules Football, which requires continuous running (professional players run up to 20 km per game), jumping as high as possible to catch the ball, and tackling.  There are also sport-specific movements such as being able to bend over and scoop up the ball whilst sprinting at full speed and kicking the ball up to 50 metres whilst sprinting.

Chris designed a training program that addressed all these requirements.  Chris's program for me combined strength training with plyometrics as well as sport-specific functional training. He also had me doing interval training on the strider machines. 

Chris assessed my flexibility and we start the sessions with dynamic stretches.  He gives me homework to do between training sessions which includes stretches and exercises to address my area that are less flexible, and exercises that complement our training sessions, particularly exercises that train my core.

Chris is very flexible with his program and always asks me how I'm feeling before we start the session because Australian Rules Football is a very intense sport with a lot of physical contact.  

He is always willing to share his knowledge and has given me tips on running to maximize my cardiovascular fitness, various running drills to maximize speed, and how to exercise to keep my metabolism as fast as possible.  Chris has also been helpful giving me information on eating to help my slow metabolism.

The results of Chris's training program have been amazing.  My running speed has increased, as has my vertical jump height and my number of goals scored has more than doubled.  I've lost weight and inches from my body, and I'm so much stronger in both my upper and lower body. A few weeks ago we tested my 1RM in the squat and it's up to 225lbs! I never thought I'd get there.**

Chris is always polite and punctual and has never missed a session in the 18 months that I've been training with him.  I highly recommend his services."

Natalie O

- " I lost over 45lbs of fat with Chris' training and nutrition help! I've learned a lot and I feel ready to take control of my fitness and incorporate it in my life on my own."


Ashley P - Jamaica

Ashley P - Jamaica

Ashley P

- "Thank you Chris for all of your help in creating my Jamaica Beach Body! Coming off of a heavy holiday season with lots of treats and snacks, I was in need of some major motivation and a huge push to get me back on track. Already an avid fitness buff, with years and countless hours with other trainers, I was thrilled to find you! You are by far one of the best I’ve ever worked with. We reviewed my specific goals and set up a plan that worked perfectly for me and my lifestyle. In a month, I had incredible results and was motivated for more.

I’m still on track with even better results as I continue working through your program. Thanks for sticking by me and pushing me to the next level.








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**Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person based on a variety of individual factors such as: training frequency, nutrition, consistency, etc.