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Training and Nutrition go hand-in-hand. Despite the ever-popular ideology that fitness goals are 70% nutrition and 30% training, I believe that both are equally important and you must commit to both if you want to improve your health, body composition and performance.


The nutrition world can be a confusing place; today’s fitness do's might be tomorrow’s don’ts. One day you'll read one thing and the next a different "expert" will contradict it.



When it comes to fat loss you want long lasting results. There are countless diets out there that may help you lose fat but in an unhealthy AND unsustainable way. The last thing you want is to put on the weight you worked hard to lose. With the PN system we teach you how to eat clean, lose fat, keep it off, and even WHEN AND WHERE TO FIT YOUR FAVOURITE MEALS (That's right, even cheat meals, junk food or anything you enjoy that might not be "clean") .


Nutrition is a key aspect of building muscle and strength. As a former "hard-gainer" I reached a plateau in muscle gains after the first year of lifting. After learning proper nutrition my gains continued to increase significantly. I learned exactly how much protein, carbs and fat I needed to build quality muscle without all the extra fat that comes with traditional bulking. Additionally, I learned which nutrients help setup an ideal environment in your body to gain size, and which supplements can also give me an edge (trust me, there aren't as many as you 'd think).


Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach


Precision Nutrition

One of the best ways to reach a goal is by taking a systematic approach. Precision Nutrition Coaching is by far the best nutritional coaching system I've ever seen or heard of. As a coach, I am provided with every tool imaginable to create the perfect nutritional environment. Precise calculations on our end, laid out plain and simple on yours, and we take it one step at a time. It will also teach you how to eat healthy on your own. Don't worry, once you start seeing results you'll have no problem cooking healthy meals. In fact, you'll probably look forward to it.


PN coaching isn't about getting you on the latest fad diet, or taking some fat loss pill that the Kardashians and top models claim to consume. Those usually don't last for a reason and are also unhealthy. It's about setting you up with a supportive and comfortable environment that not only educates you but makes nutrition simple and fun. 


What will this cost you?

This is another beautiful aspect of PN Coaching! It's very affordable compared to hiring a separate dietitian, nutritionist or buying every "fat loss" and "muscle building" book out there. Depending on the program, you're looking at around $150-250 a month. 


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